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How To Play Blackjack

To win in blackjack requires that you have experience and perhaps the most important is experience is learning to read the actions of the dealer. A blackjack dealer is a person in a blackjack game who makes the last move or better, deals the cards but unlike the other players, he plays according to some rules set for him by the casino he plays for.

Some dealers have played blackjack for a long time such that they develop a way of going about it. Dealer tells are simply the gestures that the dealer uses but he might not be aware of them as he does them unconsciously. Knowing how to read the dealer tells will help you predict the cards more often.

A dealer is an experienced player and if you are trying to observe him, it is wise to do it carefully because when he finds out you are trying to read him he will change tactics and you might not accomplish your mission.

Some dealer tells can be standard from one casino to the other but some dealers have their own tells that you cannot easily read. You must be careful though if you depend on dealer tells to win as some of the dealers show you the tells intentionally while watching you see how you use them.

The only way to win in a blackjack game is to have a hand that exceeds the total of the dealer’s but less than 21 or for the dealer to have a hand more than 21 at the end of the game in which case he ‘busts’. So since the dealer determines who wins at the end of the game, learning to read his tells will come in handy if you want to win.

Develop a friendly atmosphere around the dealer to make him feel comfortable. This might make him relax a bit on his game and you may find that he becomes careless on his tells. Buy him a drink or something as a tip to make him friendlier.

Remember that you need to have prior knowledge of the game and the tactics employed if you have to read the dealer.// Blackjack bonus //The dealer tells are just part of the strategies of playing the game and if you don’t know the game well there is no way you can get hints from the dealer especially when you are a novice player.

You may also learn to use ghost tells. How the dealer behaves with another player especially the player on your right will help you pick up ghost tells. This means that you need to not only observe what the dealer is doing but also what the other players are doing.

As much as the dealer tells are important, you cannot rely on them alone to win the game but you need to have your own techniques too of playing the game. You can play blackjack online from a variety of casinos and the techniques employed are just the same with offline blackjack.