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Understanding Roulette

Since the 18th century, gamblers try to break the bank of casinos by playing roulette. The roulette game in the modern form was firstly played in it spread rapidly all over the world. From the very beginning, many people try to find the best winning strategy. The problem with the roulette game is that there is hardly any strategy that can work on the long term.

At the time of the invention of the roulette game, the Martingale strategy for winning was discovered. In general, the strategy works for any game that has a 50/50 winning chance. It is a winning strategy that works under special conditions in any case. Since the casino owners are aware of the conditions, they changed the rules of the casinos in order to avoid any advantages for players.

The classic Martingale strategy is very simple. The player starts to play with the minimum bet for a fifty/fifty chance. In the case of winning, the player collects the money and starts again. In the case of a loss, he doubles the amount of money for the next round. He continues this style of playing until he wins. In this case, his payout covers all his expenses from the previous rounds plus the winning of 1 chip. By permanent use of this strategy, the player wins in any case a 50/50 game. The system can be modified to other fair systems others than 50/50, by modifying the height of the betting. A roulette bonus might interest you if you play online for money to win money.

But the Martingale system has several side conditions. One of them is that the unlimited number of bets means access to an unlimited amount of money by the player. In later rounds, the player must be ready to risk all his money for a minimum profit. If the player loses twenty games in a row, he needs to invest a million chips in order to compensate for his losses from the previous rounds and to win a single chip. This is the main disadvantage of any Martingale system - you need to risk a high amount of money for minimum winning.

There are several modifications to the Martingale system. The basic principle is the same. The player has to invest an enormous amount of money for minimum profit. By a modification of the betting strategy, the exponential growth of the beddings can be reduced to some extent. For example, the American system has a much slower growth and the player has to win only every third game in order to win. You can test online casino games for free without making a deposit too!

It is important to understand that any Martingale system is only a betting strategy. The general long-term expectation values of the casino cannot be beaten by this strategy. The long-term expectations value of all players still favors the bank. Only the betting is more organized and that helps the player during the game. It is also important to mention that almost every case has made precautions against the Martingale system. Usually, the table maximum is 1300 times the table minimum. In terms of the standard Martingale system, this is a maximum play length of 10 games. After ten losses in a row, the player will lose everything.